Have a look below at some incredible transformations!

“I was shocked myself!”

Before I gave a birth to my little princess, I was always in a good shape and a very active person. But since then, I wasn’t able to bounce back..

Working with Christine has been amazing, and I was seeing visible changes every day!

My coach Christine made small changes for me step by step, that were doable along my 2 years old toddler – the results within less than 2 months shocked me!

“People don’t recognize me!”

I am a very active person – I play rugby on a regular basis, and also go to the gym several times a week, but I also like food…

Although I was working hard during my trainings and workouts, I never saw any results on my physique

Working with Gabriel on my nutrition and workout plan has had a massive impact on my life – my girlfriend is loving all changes and my friends don’t recognize me anymore!

“I have to buy new clothes”

Before joining CMG, I tried every single diet I found on the internet, trying to loose the KGs I gained during pregnancy, but without any luck – in fact, if I managed to lose 1 kg, I would gain 2 kg back, so I was going in circles.

Working with CMG helped me not only to lose weight, but also boost my confidence. The results we achieved with food adjustments and daily walks are just WOW!

I love shopping for new clothes now, I dropped 2 sizes, and we are not finished yet!

My gallbladder issue got better

I have been on a diet for a while now, because of my gallbladder issue. I had some recommendations from my doctor and dietitian as to what foods to avoid, but I have been struggling with my energy and body composition.

I heard about CMG from a friend, and decided to try it as well – the team listened to my issue and requested my medical history/recommendations from my doctor, and built me a balanced diet compliant with my medical issue. Not only my gallbladder flares got better, but the physical changes within just few weeks are amazing!

I dreamed of a body like this

I know Gabriel and Mihai for a few years, and before they began their coaching business, they took me under their wings and started showing me the right way in the gym, and in the kitchen.

Fast forward few years, under their guidance and advice, I have achieved a body I was dreaming of before, and never would have thought I could achieve something like that! My confidence sky rocketed as well!

Consistency was my enemy

I was always in a good shape and didn’t have to do much to maintain it. However, with years, I started noticing my skin getting more ‘saggy’ and fat was holding around my belly and lower body.

I reached out to Christine for some advice, but I wasn’t ready to commit to a full programme, or so I thought. Christine gave me tips and sent me a sketch of a plan, but told me right away it will not work if I keep falling of track every weekend.

When I finally understood the importance of consistency and started working with Christine through her coaching programme, the results came immediately. Incredible!

Eating chocolate helped me

As many other people, I was working my butt off at the gym, but not getting the results I was expecting…

I was starving myself through the day on salad and chicken, to then come home and eat my body weight of junk food, if I was strong enough, I would go 2 days of ‘good food’, and then fail on day 3. I was punishing myself on the gym with hours of cardio. 

Having a structured plan, full of carbs and nutritious food (even chocolate!), and a goal based workout plan has helped me to move closer to my goal than ever before!

“Patience really paid off”

I was never gifted with a strong physique. Getting ripped was never the problem, but hold onto muscle tissue was always super difficult. 

Change doesn’t happen over night – it took me years to build what I have at the moment, you need to be patient and trust the process – every step within the process has the logic behind it, and is important.

“Enjoy the journey”

Naturally, I burn fat fast. I am skinny, I have ABS showing. The genetics don’t play much in ma favour here!

My dream was always build more muscle, Build a strong and healthy body, put on size. I did struggle for some time, not knowing the right way of achieving my dream.

Having a structured plan from a coach changed my life. Tons of food and a few years later, I achieved to put on a lot of mass, and still continue in my journey.