Do you ever wonder how to lose unwanted weight forever?

Get your dream body in 10 weeks! Yes – that’s right!

After a few successful challenges, we have designed the best challenge programme yet – to help you achieve your goal, easier than ever before with forever results!

We will be here for your throughout your whole journey and support you on all aspects of the challenge – whether your goals is weightloss, muscle gain or body toning.


£ 20 £ 15

per week

10 weeks

In 10 weeks, with our help and full guidance, you will transform your body and mind into the best shape you ever had!

10 transformations

We are exclusively looking for 10 individuals to join our best challenge programme yet and change their lives with long lasting results!

10/10/2021 start

You will have just enough time to get get in shape before Christmas! Last chance to sign up will be accepted on the 3rd Oct 2021




What is included?

This programme will be specifically designed to YOU and YOUR goal. 

Personalised Nutrition & Workout plans

To achieve your goals without having to struggle, fit it around your lifestyle and actually not having to restrict yourself on the food you like – all nutrition (diet) plans are 100% customized to you and your preferences, same as all workout and activity plans.

This is a key element that will be the most important on your journey to you best self yet! Lose the unwanted weight forever!

Check in with your coach every week

Checking in on your progress is very important in order to make any changes that may be needed. There will be unlimited amount of changes to the plans as you progress, to ensure you are still on track towards your goal, but also to make sure you are enjoying the journey!

These checks will keep you accountable all the time!

We are here whenever you need

Support, especially at the start of your journey, is one of the most important elements – to keep you on track, keep you motivated, and answer any queries you may have.

We expect you to ask as many questions as you need – we are here to support you, give you all the advice and guide you through your weightloss journey!

We will keep you in check

Getting fit and feeling healthy is not just about food and fitness. Making sure you keep hydrated, you are well rested and recovered, you monitor and manage your stress levels, add in any supplementation when required, you handle difficult situations, manage your time efficiently – we are here to help you with all that and more.

Impress your friends and family with the lost KGs!

Who will support you throughout your journey?

Special Prizes for Winners

Complete Strength Whey Iso

10x Athletic BCAA

CMG Shaker & T shirt

£150 Cash

10x Athletic BCAA

CMG Shaker & T shirt

10x Athletic BCAA

CMG Shaker & T shirt

Previous Challenge Transformations

Are you ready to lose your unwanted weight forever? Get started on your journey today!