We are a team of three qualified professionals in the fitness and nutrition industry with years of experience.

We have PT & sports nutrition qualifications, and completed numerous courses and seminars for diet, nutrition, first aid, correct lifting techniques, physiology and more.

Our team has helped many people along the way to become better and happier versions of themselves with some very impressive transformations to the body but also the mind! With years of experience, we are dedicated to helping all our clients achieve their goals, and teach them about maintaining healthy sustainable lifestyle effortlessly along their friends and families
Each of us have also experienced our own mind blowing transformations, which allows us to understand the struggles our clients have, and therefore help them better to achieve their goals!


Female coach & weightloss specialist

 Since Christine joined the gym back in 2017, she fell for the fitness lifestyle and was looking for ways to constantly improve and educate herself in this industry.

Christine also won 2x first place at her first ever fitness competition in the wellness category in 2021!

She has a real passion for coaching and helping women of all ages and/or fitness level.

Every single little improvement of her clients motivates her on her own journey. She loves helping the ladies on her team to become stronger and more confident, showing them the right path and their true potential!

It is so empowering to see the ladies change their mindset about set myths when it comes to food and exercise, especially for women, and their confidence and self love to increase day by day.

Her approach to coaching doesn’t consist only of a diet and exercise plan – each of her clients have personalised approach, and together they find a way to improve their overall wellbeing while getting the body of their dreams – without unnecessary restrictions (we all love chocolate, right?!)


Lifestyle coach & transformation specialist

 Mihai, alias Mimi, has been going to the gym since he remembers.

It became his true passion from the moment he walked into a gym, and never left him. He wasn’t always looking muscular to be fair – he was very thin and skinny at younger age.

Over the years, he completely changed his body composition, which has been a very hard work, but he is now happy he can use his experience in healthy lifestyle and bodybuilding and help other people who are looking to get their transformations started.

Mihai’s speciality lies in transformations – not only when it comes to bodies, but overall lifestyle, routines, habits – because in the end, it all counts towards the result!

His clients get insight into the process needed to achieve the results they want, while all steps are being explained to them, to educate them along the way


Male coach & muscle gain specialist

Gabriel started his fitness journey at a very young age, and short after entered his first fitness contest as a fitness model.

Fast forward, he also competed in 2021, and won his category in Men’s Physique! 

Over the time between his competitions, Gabriel gained 15+ kg of muscle tissue, which has completely changed his appearance and physique. It has taken a lot of years and hard work, but this journey helped him to understand the process that is needed in order to achieve such results.

Fitness and bodybuilding are Gabriel’s true passion, along with helping dedicated individuals to achieve their dream body as well as regain confidence as learn correct lifting techniques and eating habits.

Nothing is impossible with consistency and dedication!