All plans personalised

All our nutrition and workout plans are 100% customised to each client, while looking at their current stage, goals, lifestyle, likes, abilities…

There is no one plan for all, therefore, to ensure best results, all plans are designed specifically for YOU

Weekly Check-ins

All clients have weekly check ins, to ensure we are on track with progress towards YOUR goal, and so we can make any amendments to any part of the plan, if needed. 

Great way to stay accountable and motivated too!

24/7 Whatsapp Support

On your journey to your better self, you may have a lot of questions. 

You will have direct access to your coach through WhatsApp any time of the day.

Because no question is ever a stupid question!

All aspects considered

Nutrition and some activity are not the only aspects we will help you with.

But also your recovery, sleep, water intake, stress levels…these are all important in order to get you where you want to be.

Happy mind, happy body!

So how does it work?

Enjoy the journey with lasting results, no more JOJO effect!

You tell us your goal, we carefully put together a plan and you execute it. Easy, right

For you to get where you want to be, you will need to be consistent. And this is exactly why we are here. We are experts in weightloss and body transformations, and we can get YOU to your dream body.

We don’t just give you the plans and leave you to it. Our aim is to also teach you and explain every process, so that over a time, you are able to manage your healthy lifestyle all by yourself.

You will learn all about your body – how to loose weight, become stronger, be more confident, have more energy – no fast track. No JoJo effect.

It all starts with us learning about you. Your current lifestyle, your current eating habits, activity levels, allergies, hobbies, GOALS…and from there, we will create a plan for you, that will be easy to follow and fit for your lifestyle to help you eat, move and live better.

On every step of your journey, you will get the support you need.

Remove all the uncertainty and guesswork, and replace them with accountability and knowledge. We will give you all the support and direction to stay consistent, no matter what situation you are currently in.

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What do our clients say?

Our purpose is not only to help you make visible changes, but also to make you feel better, be more confident and get to know your body and abilities.
Seeing happy clients and great results on the back of their hard work is making us incredibly proud!

I was shocked myself!

My coach Christine made small changes for me step by step, that were doable along my 2 years old toddler – the results within less than 2 months shocked me!

People don’t recognize me!

Working with Gabriel on my nutrition and workout plan has had massive impact on my life – my girlfriend is loving all changes and my friends don’t recognize me anymore!

I have to buy new clothes!

Working with CMG has helped me not only to lose weight, but also boost my confidence. The results we achieved with food adjustments and daily walks are just wow!

The easy way to lose weight….

Forget about all the different diets you tried before. They probably didn’t work, right?

Don’t worry, I have been there myself. 

But what if I told you, there is a magic number, that can change your life forever? One magic number, that will make your weight loss journey so much easier?

All coaches at CMG team are really passionate about healthy lifestyle and fitness.
With years of experience, we are dedicated to helping all our clients achieve their goals, and teach them about maintaining healthy sustainable lifestyle effortlessly along their friends and families.


Female lifestyle coach & weight loss specialist

Created a community of confident and strong women, helping them lose weight while still enjoying life!


Lifestyle coach & transformation specialist

Each and every client achieving impressive transformations in their own pace and abilities – everything is possible!


Male coach & muscle gain specialist

Not everyone’s goal is to lose weight – building muscle is as important! Step by step, you will have the body you dreamt of!

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We will be happy to answer any of your messages.